Curtiss BFC Goshawk

BFC-2 BuNo. 9266 of VB-2B at NRAB Long Beach, mid-1930s.

Bill Larkins photo - Larger Image

Another view of BuNo. 9266, probably taken in 1937 after VB-2B's tail color was changed
from red to white. Along with the change of tail color, the outfit's designation would soon be
changed to VB-3. The white 'C' below the windscreen is said to represent a communications award.

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BFC-2 BuNo. 9277 of VB-3 at Oakland Airport, 1937.

Bill Larkins photo - Larger Image

BFC-2 BuNo. 9333 of VB-6 at Hector Field, Fargo, North Dakota.

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