Curtiss P-2 Hawk

The last five P-1s were modified with Curtiss V-1400 liquid-cooled engines in place of their
original Curtiss V-1150s and re-designated P-2. Serials were 25-420, 421, 422, 423, and 424.
Although performance was improved, the V-1400s proved troublesome and in less than a year's
time three of the P-2s (421,422, & 424) were converted to P-1A standard.

P-2 25-423 was re-engined with a Curtiss V-1570 Conqueror and became the XP-6. Stripped of
all military equipment, this ship placed second at the 1927 National Air Races.

The only one of the five P-2s to remain in P-2 configuration was 25-420. It was modified with
an experimental turbosupercharger, given the test number P-431, and assigned to McCook Field.

This photo shows 25-420 at McCook Field, Ohio.

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