343rd Fighter Group
(And 28th Composite Group)

11th Fighter Squadron || 18th Fighter Squadron

Adak Island, Spring 1943

P-40Es of the 11th FS share the line at Adak with USN PBY Catalinas.
The 11th and 18th Fighter Squadrons were part of the 28th Composite Group before being
reassigned to the newly-formed 343rd FG in mid-1942.



Those who served with the Eleventh AF in Alaska certainly faced some unique challenges
as evidenced by this photo of an 11th FS P-40K taken at Cold Bay.

Jake Dixon photo

Flossie and the 'Z'

Here's Hollywood mogul Daryl Zanuck (middle) in front of an 11th FS P-40 named "Flossie'.
I think that's John Huston on the left, but am not sure. I have no idea who the third fella
might be. Both Huston and Zanuck were in Alaska shooting 'Report From the Aleutians', a wartime
documetary about the Army Air Forces outfits that were stationed there.
In the near future I'll be adding a page concerning this film in the 'Films' section of the site.

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