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Banshees Need TLC, Too...

A mix of P-40Ns from the 88th and 89th Fighter Squadrons undergoing maintenance.

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Unknown Skulls

An unidentifed member of the 80th Fighter Group...

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Another unidentifed Burma Banshee...

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Blooded Skulls

Members of the 89th and 90th Fighter Squadrons pose for the camera, August 15th, 1944.
At the time this photo was taken, each of these pilots had bagged at least two Japs.

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Caption from reverse of the above photo:

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School is in Session

Chinese army officers attending the Chinese General Staff School listen to a lecture about
the coordination of air and ground forces, with an 80th Fighter Group P-40 serving as backdrop.
Lt.Col. William M. Myers, an instructor at the school, is seen next to the ship, facing the
camera. The unidentified lecturer is said to be a pilot from the Fourteenth Air Force.

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Members of the 80th Fighter Group are lined up for an awards ceremony at
Nagaghuli Airbase on May 5th, 1944. More photos can be seen HERE...

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A closer look at some of the 88th FS P-40s in the background...

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