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Outta sight...

A 90th FS P-40N-1 is pushed back into a concealed revetment at the edge of a treeline.

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From Wisconsin to the CBI

Second Lieutenant Gerald P. Wergin in the cockpit of a P-40N during the final two months of training
before receiving orders to deploy overseas, where he would join the 90th FS, 80th FG in the CBI. At
this time, he was assigned to the 98th FS, 337th FG at Sarasota Army Air Base in Florida. The ship
in which he is sitting, P-40N-20-CU 43-23117, was heavily damaged in a mid-air collision on January
17th, 1944, just seven days after 2Lt. Wergin departed the USA, headed for India.

You can read much more about Gerry Wergin HERE...

Jean Wergin via WisconsinCentral.net

Jungle Skulls

A couple'a shots showing men and ships of the 90th at an airfield in India or Burma.

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This photo may show #82 from the shot above.

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