P-40s at Camp Siebert AAF, AL

The following is taken from the City of Attalla website, with permission:

Camp Siebert, primarily in Attalla, was situated in Etowah and St. Clair Counties, Alabama, as a
replacement training center for the Chemical Warfare Service by the Department of Defense between
1942 and 1944. The 37,034 acre site was used as a chemical warfare service training center until
April 1945. Training included such tasks as smoke screening, chemical decontamination, chemical depot
maintenance and chemical impregnation work. During training exercises, fuming sulfuric acid, or FS was
dropped on troops from airplanes to simulate an aerial mustard attack. After decontamination, the land
was transferred back to private ownership in 1948. The airfield, however, was transferred to the City of Gadsden.

Smoky Hawk

A P-40N equipped with a smoke generator wings past Camp Siebert, 1944...

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