Kittyhawk I AK979
RCAF Serial 1064

This P-40 was built as a Kittyhawk I for the British. As it was purchased by the British Purchasing Commission,
it did not fall under any Lend-Lease agreement and therefore did not receive a US Army serial number. It was
assigned the RAF serial AK979 but was then handed over to Canada and given the RCAF serial 1064, serving
with 132 and 133 Squadrons. The aircraft was struck off charge in August 1946 and put up for sale.

After the war many RCAF aircraft were auctioned off, including a number of Kittyhawks. This particular ship
is one of many that went to Fred Dyson of Seattle, Washington and she spent some time at Boeing Field before
being purchased by Duane W. Myler of Fostoria, Ohio in 1947.

During the 1950s, 60s, and 70s AK979 was shuffled around among several owners, the most notable being Gil Macy
and Tom Camp. She appeared in the film 'Tora! Tora! Tora!', and was apparently damaged during the course of
filming in Hawaii, although I don't know the nature of the damage done. The custom canopy shown in many of the
photos below was still installed at this time and a dummy canopy setup was applied by the film folk.

Tom Camp owned AK979 throughout most of the 1970s before ownership again changed hands a few times in the early
1980s. AK979 ultimately wound up in the hands of Tiger International, Inc... better known as the Flying Tiger Line.
In 1989 Flying Tigers was bought by FedEx, and that shipping giant still owns AK979 to this day. However, she has
been on loan almost continuously to a couple museums since 1987; first the San Diego Aerospace Museum and the
rapidly growing Pacific Aviation Museum on Ford Island in Hawaii, where she is currently on display.

More specific information about this airframe can be found on the following page:

P-40 AK979

These first three photos show AK979 while operated as an executive transport by the
Continental Steel Buildings Company of Burbank, California during the early to mid 1950s.

M.Nankivil collection - Larger Image

M.Nankivil collection - Larger Image

From: The P-40 Kittyhawk by Ernest R. McDowell - Larger Image

I believe these next three photos were all taken during the late 1950s
and/or early 1960s when AK979 was owned by Shelby H. Curlee of St.Louis.

From: The P-40 Kittyhawk by Ernest R. McDowell - Larger Image

This shot may have been taken at the Lambert Field open house in 1963.

Photo credit: unknown

Project 914 Archives - Larger Image

The next two photos show AK979 while she was owned by Gilbert Macy during the 1960s.

Photo credit: unknown - Larger Image

Photo credit: unknown

The temporary dummy canopy and rear quarter glass fitted for the film 'Tora! Tora! Tora!'
are clearly visible in this photo, taken during filming at Hickam Field in 1969.
The four-bladed prop was also replaced with a standard three-blader at this time.

Bob O'Hara photo - Larger Image

In this photo, taken at Oshkosh in the early 1970s, AK979 still wears most of her
movie 'makeup'. Also visible is the attachment point for one of the mock nose guns that
were fitted to both P-40s used in the film; a weak attempt to make them resemble P-40Bs.

Steve Williams photo - Larger Image

Tom Camp owned AK979 for most of the 1970s and initially applied a rather attractive
RAF-ish paint scheme to her. Note the code letters, representing Camp's initials.

AK979 was one of two P-40s to attend Don Plumb's 'Airwar '74'.
More photos from that event can be seen HERE...

Peter Arnold photo

Sometime in the mid 1970s, '76 or '77 I believe, Tom Camp replaced the custom canopy
with a stock unit, and also repainted AK979 to represent Bob Scott's 'Old Exterminator'.
These next two photos show her in this scheme during 1978... first, at Chino...

Chris Kennedy photo - Larger Image

...and then at Oshkosh...

Richard Kamm photo via August Horvath - Larger Image

This photo was taken shortly after the Hawk's arrival at the Pacific Aviation Museum in 2010.
You can see more photos of AK979's arrival and re-assembly at PAM HERE...

Pacific Aviation Museum photo - Larger Image

Here's a look at AK979 during its exhibit dedication ceremony at the Pacific Aviation Museum.
You can see more photos of the ceremony HERE...

Pacific Aviation Museum photo - Larger Image

These next few photos were taken during the Pacific Aviation Museum's 4th Anniversary celebration.
You can see more photos of this event HERE...

Pacific Aviation Museum photo - Larger Image

Three of your webmaster's favorite things, all in one photo... =P

Pacific Aviation Museum photo - Larger Image

Airplane? What airplane?

Pacific Aviation Museum photo - Larger Image

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