Kittyhawk I AL135
RCAF Serial 1076

This P-40 was built as a Kittyhawk I for the RAF. As it was purchased by the British Purchasing Commission,
it did not fall under any Lend-Lease agreement and therefore did not receive a US Army serial number. It was
allocated the RAF serial AL135 but was handed over to Canada and eventually given the RCAF serial 1076.
This Hawk served with 132 Squadron, but that is all I currently know about her wartime service.

After serving with the RCAF until 1945, AL135 was selected for preservation and put directly into storage
until she was transferred to the Canada Aviation Museum in 1964, where she remains today.

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Curtiss Kittyhawk I

The following photos were taken by Mike Henniger and are included here with his permission.

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